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Come home to 'CountrySide Farms' and experience the matchless customary charm of Indian traditions, culture, farms, colours, art work, history, yoga, ayurveda, food, films and more. All of it enveloped in an endearing piece of land surrounded by mountains and adorned with 7 theme parks and a resort at Manor, Palghar.

the NEIGHBOURHOOD, you always wished for!

Atithi devo bhava | Welcome | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

Atithi Devo Bhava Park

A majestic entrance continued into a groovy boundary wall accentuated with hundreds of miniature artifacts welcomes you to 'CountrySide Farms'.

Yog Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Yog Park

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India.  At 'CountrySide Farms' we nurture this age old discipline with a special dome designed to enhance the effects of Yoga.

Unity Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Unity Park

Symbolizing the philosophy is 'The Unity Park' clad with tricolor flowers and plants. It is adorned with a huge wall that engraves the various religious symbols and the name 'CountrySide Farms' in multiple languages signifying oneness.

Ayurveda Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Ayurveda Park

Ayurveda is the medical side of yoga. It's India's traditional natural healing system, which has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Ayurveda Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Film & Music Park

Because films and music have been a rich reserve to Indians and have become almost fundamental in our daily routine, we have incorporated a resort built around the 'films and music' theme.

Ayurveda Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Cricket Park!

Cricket is celebrated and followed as a unanimous religion in India. So it undoubtedly becomes an integral part of essence of India.

Ayurveda Park | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai

The Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park at 'CountrySide Farms' can be summed up in one word: magnificent. That is natural considering the prominence of sculpture art in India since ages.

Route Map | CountrySide Farms | NA Plots | Mumbai | Manor


Manor, Off Mum-Ahmedabad Highway

90 mins pleasant drive from Mumbai.

Weekend Homes | NA Plot near Mumbai | Manor | CountrySide Farms
Complete Site Layout | 30 Acres | 7 Theme Amenities


  • Plot Size : 1615 - 5000 Sqft
  • PVC Fencing for Individual Plots
  • Water Connection for Each Plot
  • Electricity Connection for Each Plot


  • Separate 7/12 Extract
  • Approved by town planning
  • Fully Sanctioned Non Agri Plots
  • Ready for Registration


  • Resort with 8 Cottages
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Restaurant
  • Open Gym Arena


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CountrySide Farms | Essence of India

Village Khandeghar, Off Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway, Manor, Palghar

304, Puranik Capitol,
Ghodbunder Road, Thane,


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